Planet Botox is truly a uniquely blended tour de force of great melodies mixed with heavy riffing, making De Van and Planet Botox one of the most diverse bands at the moment.

"We believe in plastic surgery! The only way you can be what you want to be!"

Probably the quote of the year!

"Planet Botox" is an 11 track offering full of ear candy.
The first single "Shine" has one of those chorus' that tattoos your senses.

* The Right To Rock *

New album out NOW!

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De Van is set to release the follow up to their critically acclaimed debut album ”Planet Botox”. The new album, "Current end of Days", has the same ingredients that made the debut so riveting: Loud guitars, strong melodies and satirical lyrics about bizarre human behavior.

The second album is even more polarized, with even louder guitars, darker lyrics and sound, At the same time, parts of the album are even catchier and uplifting.

Internationally acclaimed song writer Randy Goodrum has contributed to two of the songs: "As good as it gets" and "Only words”).

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The metal band De Van formed 2009 in Stockholm, Sweden. The band quickly became renowned for their high octane live performances, and they continue to relentlessly accelerate as they perform across the land.

Eric De van, Mike Lavér, Greg Andersson, Cee, Bjarne Gudmundsson and newcomer Joan Ericsson are a motley crew of guys, representing all of Sweden: from endless and gloomy woods to urban decadence, industrial ruggedness and
island bizarrism.

These diverse backgrounds lay the foundation for their unique sound and songs. De Van´s music is a rare breed of catchy melodies, roaring guitars, Gotterdammerung drums and bass and sinister keyboard carpets. The lyrics accompany the many layers of musical nuances, and are more often than not a sarcastic commentary on the absurdity of society and the human condition.

The directness of the melodies and the all-encompassing vocals make this complex mix of words and music accessible to more than just “metal fans”. Or as music magazine Hardrock Haven put it: “” It’s rare to find a band who can so effortlessly dissect the fall of man to this degree, and make you want to sing along to that fall”. .